New obsession: Chai Latte. 

I was just browsing in Tesco when I stumbled upon this little pink tub that caught my eye. At just £2 I thought I’d give it a shot and I’m now obsessed! 

If you’ve never tried a Chai Latte, it’s ‘a sweetened blend of tea, skimmed milk and spices’ and is a sort of light brown coloured powder. All you have to do is mix in hot water/milk to whip up a winter warming drink. Another option is blending in cold milk and ice for an iced version. 

Only 90 calories per cup, 99% caffeine free and a nice change from hot chocolate. Pick up some DrinkMe Chai Latte Spiced today and you can enjoy a chilled Sunday with a hot mug in hand! 

Have a great weekend, 

Hels x 


My top tips for curing and relieving eczema 

So many people suffer from the common skin condition eczema – millions nationwide. Eczema is a red, itchy rash that appears on the face and body (often on the joints) and can leave sufferers with unsightly, sore and itchy skin. 

My family and I have all suffered from eczema ever since I can remember. It may sound like a small issue but when it’s you who has sore, broken skin on your eye lids, forehead, neck, shoulders, arms, legs etc it really is something that affects you on a daily basis. I only tend to get flare ups in the winter and I’ve tried everything possible. The last 2 winters I’ve been delighted to see that the time and money spent trying to fix my skin has finally paid off! I’ve tried changes of diet, creams, pills, steroids etc and finally I’ve found a mixture that works well for me. I don’t know if they will work for everyone but if you’re like me, you’ll try anything! 
Green tea/detox courses. 
Nudey Tea comes up in so many of my posts but that just highlights my passion for it’s magical powers! I once visited a Chinese doctors and I was told that I was getting eczema in winter due to my weakened immune system. He told me that detoxing would help no-end. I immediately started a detox course and then continued to drink mug after mug of green tea. I absolutely swear by this as a top tip. It’s by no means instant results but if you continue with the green tea through the year you will notice the difference eventually. If you don’t like the taste of green, try twinings fruit flavoured versions. You can purchase a detox course Here to kick-start it. And use code HELEN for 5% off. 
A good emollient I found was called Double Base. I was given this by my doctor on prescription, it’s a strange consistency, almost a plastic like cream! It’s super thick and jelly like and hydrates the skin for hours. I used it all over to avoid any extra bits popping up. Ask your doctor for it. 
A steroid cream is an obvious option, by I found that hydrocortisone just didn’t do anything for me. The best steroid ointment I had from the doctors was called Betamethasone. This cleared me up straight away but isn’t a long term option as you can only use for small periods of time. However if you follow the other options then it should hopefully stay away even after finishing the steroid ointment. 
I was recommended Cod Liver Oil supplement capsules to hydrate the skin. I have no idea if this contributed but they do have other proved health benefits so I do still take them daily. You can pick these up from Holland and Barrat HERE. 
I use this recommendation loosely as it comes with it’s own health risks and doesn’t work for everyone but sunbeds can help. Since I only suffer in the winter, it does help me to get a little light therapy (it does help that my sister has sunbeds in her salon!). Many articles do confirm this but there’s the obvious health risks also. It’s nice to get a boost of vitamin D in the gloomy winter months! If you do try sunbeds, ensure you cover yourself in emollient after so you don’t dry your skin out. 
Hot showers can dry your skin out, as can towel drying yourself too hard, bare these in mind. 
I hope these tips have helped as I wish I had an article like this with tried and tested methods! Let me know how you get on. 

Limited Edition Detox Tea from NudeyTea

As you can tell from my other posts, I have a littttttle bit of a thing for Nudey Tea! They make the best and yummiest detox tea’s of all!

I have to tell you about their Limited Edition 14 day pack they have at the moment… Because you need to snap it up before they all go! It consists of day time and bed time tea’s that give you a great cleanse for 2 weeks. Wait until you hear the flavours….

The day time is Creamy Strawberry and Pineapple it contains oolong tea which increases fat oxidation in the body, hibiscus, elderberries and rosehip which are rich in vitamin C, Milk thistle leaves for your liver, rose petals to beautify the skin and many other beneficial ingredients which make this the ideal treat for a detox cleanse.

The bedtime tea is Smooth Cocoa and Vanilla with a base of Rooibos tea with cocoa shells, relaxing lavender, rich cocoa and smooth vanilla for an indulgent treat. It also contains tradition liver and blood tonics barberry, burdock and senna which flush the system.

This detox pack is a total must-have for all health fanatics, tea lovers, weight watchers, and everyone who loves a little treat! Of course the perfect valentines gift….. And the bonus of receiving a 10% discount!

VISIT Nudey Tea to order yours and take a look at the other gorgeous products they off! Enter code HELEN at the checkout for your discount, enjoy x


New obsession: Nudey Tea!

As a major tea fanatic, you can imagine how excited I was to be sent these goodies from the Nudey Tea range!

So there’s the 28 day detox course which is one a day and one every second night, and the Active Tea which is great for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I don’t personally want to lose weight but Nudey Tea can help me reach my fitness goals and create the lean shape I want and make me feel fresh and healthy. However, if you’re looking for a detox to aid with weight loss, Nudey Tea is ideal to use along side your healthy eating regime! Check out the before and afters on their Instagram @nudeytea (they do the odd competition too!) and see for yourself what the power of tea can do!

I really do believe that tea can heal and cleanse, mainly down to the fact I’ve suffered from eczema for years…. Until I started drinking green tea and it disappeared! It was a slow process but anyone with eczema will know that you’ll do anything to get rid of it. The Nudey Tea range are perfect to team up with green tea for a more concentrated detox.

The Day Time detox has a lemony taste, the Night Time has a soft vanilla flavour and the Active Tea is fresh and minty! They each have unique ingredients and offer different benefits. To find out more and place your order, head here and as a special treat – use discount code HELEN at the checkout for an exclusive 10% off your order!

Happy Tea Drinking!



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