The Truth Behind Beauty Queens: Miss World


Across the world, beauty queens are respected celebrities that stand for a symbol of hope to their nation. So why is it that here in the UK, any beauty queen is slandered and made fun of and automatically a symbol of anti-feminism?

When most people in the UK hear the phrase ‘beauty queens’ they think of big hair, white teeth, lots of makeup and girls parading themselves around in bikini’s in order to gain the most attention for their looks. From what I read on the comments pages of online news such as the Daily Mail, the general consensus is that these girls are dumb, vain and desperate for approval for their looks.

Miss World – the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant – hasn’t been aired on British television since the year 2000 after being branded as ‘old fashioned’ and ‘politically incorrect’ by it’s native Britain. It became a symbol of hatred to feminists and it’s popularity in Britain diminished.

In my humble opinion, the opinion of pageants had by the masses is entirely uneducated and presumptuous. Beauty pageants offer an undoubtable platform to girls across the world, not to mention the huge amount of charity work and increase in tourism they have produced. I’m going to base my views around the Miss World organisation (with links to my own experiences), however, I do believe that there is hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants worldwide that are offering similar benefits.

The Miss World organisation it’s self has raised over £250million for children’s charities through it’s own cause Beauty With A Purpose. Aside from this vast amount of money, thousands of contestants from regional, national and international competitions have made a difference as individuals by visiting those less fortunate and getting actively involved in charities. This sense of community and drive to help those less fortunate is something that is consistent with beauty queens all over the world. How can this be seen as a negative? These girls may be beautiful but the public should be able to see through that and see the beauty in their causes.

National and international queens are given a platform through their crown to make large changes in the world and inspire others to get involved with charity work. Many people ask “but why do they have to be beautiful? Why do they have to be judged on how they look and their bikini bodies?” – the only way I can answer this is by admitting that whether right or wrong, a huge amount of people will pay more attention to a ‘beautiful person’. It’s as simple as that. There are countless amazing people doing good in the world, the Beauty Queens are simply standing up as an all-rounder determined to inspire others to make changes in their attitudes.

To put it bluntly – beauty queen doesn’t always = b*t*h. From my own experiences of 6 years in pageants, I have come across maybe 2 girls that have been less than lovely? I have made my very best friends through pageants that I would never have had the honour have meeting had it not been for pageants. They’re totally normal girls who love to have a laugh, and lounge around all day in their PJs wearing no makeup eating junk food! I can’t describe the amount of fun pageants are whether you’re competing or just attending, not to mention the sense of community and belonging from the ‘pageant circuit’.

I must note the experiences and confidence that pageants lead to. I’ve even fortunate enough to travel all expenses to Florida with girls that became my best friends, and compete internationally, meeting girls from across the globe. This is just an added bonus to what I’ve taken away from pageants the most. Confidence.
Had it not been for entering pageants, I’m sure I would have remained the shy, quiet little girl I used to be, trying to blend into the background. Instead, I’ve developed a skill of being able to strike a conversation with most anybody and even partake in public speaking. This confidence transformation is just a drop in the ocean to what other girls have experienced.

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading this article about the intelligent queens currently competing in the coveted Miss World. Have a read and see for yourself here.

I want to finish up by wishing Miss England Carina Tyrell the best of luck in the Miss World finals this Sunday. I will be in the crowd cheering you on!

Let me know what you think about these pointers and if they’ve changed your perspective on beauty pageants.