Sensationail – Gel Polish At Home. 

As you may know, it was my 22nd birthday the other day, and my sisters so kindly bought me the Sensationail kit, with a UV Lamp, primer, base and top coat, gel cleanser, a cute baby pink colour and all the little accessories. 

I have acrylic nails so it’s ideal for me, because I can chop and change my colour between Infills, and I’m saving half the price at the salon because I can apply my own colour! 

I’ve already purchased White Lily and Juicy Sangria to add to my collection. I really love it, it’s absolutely salon quality. I used my sisters when I went to Marbella and my toe polish lasted perfectly for 3 weeks with no chips – I only had to remove it because it grew out! 

The best part is, today you can purchase packs of 6 colours for just £14.99 – they’re usually this much each from Boots! So if you’re a Sensationail fan or you plan on buying the kit, you need to go to Groupon and get yourself this deal!

Hels xxx