Joico Shampoo and Conditioner Review. 

Every girl experiences that parched hair feeling at some point in their life. Unfortunately for us blondes, this can be quite frequently! 

Since beggining the Olaplex treatments my hair has felt better (I can tell when it needs doing again though!) but I still find my hair can feel so dry and rough sometimes and even soaking it in oils doesn’t always restore the silkiness and shine. 

One of the perks of your hairdresser being your best friend is that you can always call upon them for hair tips and discounted hair products! So, my girl Amy at The Edge in Cheshire purchased me some salon-quality shampoo and conditioner from the wholesalers to try and restore some shine to my lacklustre locks. 

In struts Joico K-Pak. The gold bottle immediately makes you think of luxurious flowing blonde locks, so that’s a good start. I was already excited about these products as Amy used them on me in the salon and I know she only uses the best. I’ve been using them for about a week now and I can feel the difference already. 

The shampoo is clarifying, which means it removed the product build-up from your hair if you leave it on for a minute or so. This is especially good for me when I’m home from a shoot where my hair has been coated in anything from hairspray to baby oil to glitter. However, a clarifying shampoo is beneficial to anyone since our hair picks up so much dirt and oils naturally through the day and many of us add oils, heat defence products etc to our hair routines. 

The conditioner is repairing for damaged hair. Even if you think your hair is in great condition, it’s actually getting damaged each day so a repairing, nourishing formula is ideal for all hair types. For extra protection is replenishment, I’d highly recommend the Olaplex treatment which I’ve discussed in a previous post! 

All in all, I’m really liking both the shampoo and the conditioner and I feel my hair is clean and fresh whilst remaining softer and silkier. 

The cheapest I’ve found online is £11.70 at AllBeauty for the conditioner and £10.95 for the shampoo also at AllBeauty 

Hels xxx

How Kimmy-K Gets Her Shiny Locks. 

We already know that washing our hair too often strips the scalp of its essential oils, yet many of us lather up pretty much every day.

Kim Kardashian always manages to keep her locks glossy and sleek, despite the copious amounts of styling and that blonde ‘do. How does she do it? 
“Keeping your hair shiny and soft in the winter can be difficult!” the fashion and beauty icon wrote on her website. “I only shampoo it twice a week to prevent it from drying out.”

Well, there we go. If Kim can shampoo twice a week without turning into a dread-locked grease ball, so can we? 

I’m a big believer in not shampooing every day (although it can be hard when I’ve had a lot of product in my hair on a shoot and I need it clean for the next days job). But I’m more of a 3-4 times a week kind of girl. 

So, what to do with limp locks on wash-free days? Kim’s go-to hairstyle: a sleek ponytail. Your hair will thank you in the long run and you’ll probably end up seeing a difference. And don’t forget you’ll use far less of your expensive shampoos and conditioners! 

If the ponytail isn’t your kinda thing, don’t forget that there’s some amazing dry shampoos on the market. My favourite is the Batiste range which freshens my mane up between washes. 

How many shampoo’s do you do a week? 

Hels xxx