Clean/vegetarian one-pan breakfast hash. 

Good morning everyone! 

Yesterday, I returned home from a lovely 4 nights away, watching the United Kingdom Galaxy Pageant. The late nights and early starts have knocked me out, but it was so worth it. A huge congratulations to all of the lovely new winners! 

So now I’m home, it’s back to normality and clean eating/workouts. I’m trying to base my diet on fruit and vegetables and that all important protein – I always feel best when I keep my diet quite natural, and I enjoy cooking everything from scratch. 

This morning, I thought I’d try something new and put together a one-pan hash, based on a lunch/dinner recipe I use by The Body Coach. I came up with a breakfast friendly version and it was ah-maz-ing. 

 Continue reading to find out the recipe… 

What you’ll need: 

  • One M/L frying pan 
  • One tsp coconut oil (or alternative)
  • 4/5 washed/sliced mushrooms 
  • 1 handful washed spinach 
  • One potato cubed and microwaved
  • 3/4 slices of mozzarella roughly cubed
  • 2 free-range eggs
  • Salt, pepper, paprika to season 


  • After microwaving your potato until soft, melt the coconut oil in the pan and add the potato, sautéing until golden brown. (Season with salt and paprika) 
  • Add the sliced mushrooms and gently sauté. 
  • Add a handful of spinach and sauté for just a few seconds
  • Create a hole in the middle of the pan and crack in the two eggs 
  • Sprinkle the mozerella around the edges 
  • Place under a hot grill until eggs are cooked 

 And Voila… A healthy, filling breakfast full of goodness. 


Hels x