Sensationail – Gel Polish At Home. 

As you may know, it was my 22nd birthday the other day, and my sisters so kindly bought me the Sensationail kit, with a UV Lamp, primer, base and top coat, gel cleanser, a cute baby pink colour and all the little accessories. 

I have acrylic nails so it’s ideal for me, because I can chop and change my colour between Infills, and I’m saving half the price at the salon because I can apply my own colour! 

I’ve already purchased White Lily and Juicy Sangria to add to my collection. I really love it, it’s absolutely salon quality. I used my sisters when I went to Marbella and my toe polish lasted perfectly for 3 weeks with no chips – I only had to remove it because it grew out! 

The best part is, today you can purchase packs of 6 colours for just £14.99 – they’re usually this much each from Boots! So if you’re a Sensationail fan or you plan on buying the kit, you need to go to Groupon and get yourself this deal!

Hels xxx

Expectation VS Reality: Nail Fails. 

Day two of a sickness bug has left me scrolling the internet bored, looking for mindless randomness to entertain me. I was supposed to be at my agency today getting some fresh Polaroids which would have been ideal in this weather! Not good. 

However, I did stumble upon something that made me laugh. Partly because they’re so awful but partly because I know for a FACT we’ve all been there – done that. 

The article, as found on Daily Mail shows us some shocking nail fails where amateurs have tried to replicate professional manicures and got it terribly, terribly wrong. 


  ‘Simple stripes’ – they look so easy, but this Fail says differently!     How did this person get the polish so lumpy and uneven? Perhaps some longer nails would have helped!     In fairness, these aren’t the worst fail we’ve seen, but by no means are they good!     Nice attempt but these jagged lines are awful!     Someone pass this girl an acetone dipped cotton bud!     I think you need really deep nail beds or a good extension to pull these off!    Potentially the worst ones yet! What were they thinking?  

   Hippie tie-die gone very very wrong here! I can only assume she tried to dip her nails into it but something went miserably wrong here! 

Have you had any similar experiences? I’ve always preferred a block colour to nail art, but I think if you’re into these sort of looks – leave it to the professionals or invest in some stickers! 

Hels x