Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets. 

I stumbled upon a really interesting programme that’s available on BBC iPlayer right now called Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret. 

It’s a documentary starring Grace Victory, a Vlogger on beauty, fashion, body image and mental health. Throughout the programme, Grace explores the recent ‘trend’ of ‘Clean Eating’ that’s sweeped social media and become a lifestyle for many. 

In short, she compares insta/YouTube famous ‘nutritionists’ opinions with scientific, factual information from a qualified dietician. I’ll begin by clearing up the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. ANYONE can call them selves a nutritionist. In fact, Grace herself took a 20 hour, £30 nutritionist course online in the programme which enabled her to claim she’s a raw food nutritionist, despite her not even having any real understanding or passion for nutrition. The difference with a dietician is that they must have studied at university to gain their qualification and it’s perhaps more factual and less opinionated. 

Through the programme we see some (in my opinion) crazy diets from all potato, to virtually protein free banana based diets and 100% Raw and vegan. At the start, they do mention how clean eating is dairy, meat, egg and gluten free. I have to say I don’t really agree with this (I’ll come onto that in detail) as to me, clean eating is eating natural which includes meat and eggs so I would say that’s only some peoples version of clean eating. 

That gets me on to the fact that pretty much EVERY diet/nutrition/fitness person has a way of doing things and pretty much think their way is the only correct way. There’s some magnificent claims made, for example Freelee – The Banana Girl eats around 30 bananas a day and claims that protein is like acid for the body!? And that the human body receives most of its protein through your own flesh!? Of course this was totally rubbished by the ‘real’ dietician. Another claim by Deliciously Ella is that milk damages your body. Again, rubbished by the dietician who stresses the importance of the calcium that milk offers to the body. 

The programme showed the physiological dangers also associated with the clean eating hype, that often go alongside the physical. Many more girls/boys are suffering from Orthorexia Nervosa – an obsession with eating foods that are deemed as healthy by the person. I took this little Orthorexia Self Test which showed that I may have a modest case of Othorexis and I must say I may agree. When I see these (mainly) girls on Instagram with crazy clean meals and insane workouts, it almost makes me feel guilty when I go slightly off course. It’s probably phycological but I actually feel healthier and more attractive when I’ve been ‘eating right’ and restricting myself as opposed to eating what I really want. I must add this isn’t a worry for me, as I do regularly make food choices that aren’t ‘clean’ just because I want to. 

Another one to add is gluten free. I do try to eat a gluten free diet due to it being a trigger for my IBS (and no one likes looking 8 months pregnant for no reason) but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would CHOOSE to be gluten free if they don’t need to?! It’s so restricting. The other day I went for lunch with friends post-training and wanted a Caesar salad which the menu said came as a gluten free option. So of course I presumed the croutons would be gluten free maybe? Nope. The server came out and said that the gluten free option would literally be chicken and lettuce and is this okay? At £10 uhmmmm, nope. Oh and the sweet potato fries? Coated in flour. So if you think gluten free is easy, you couldn’t be more misguided. Not to mention the fact that gluten free options can be 3 times more expensive and can contain all sorts of nasty chemicals and additives! 

I think the most important thing I took away from this is that each individual is different. You can’t follow someone else’s lifestyle in its entirety because every persons body is different. You wouldn’t see my trainer giving a 13 stone lady the same workout as me and this applies to the diet even more so! You need to find what works for YOU and remember you can have everything in moderation. It’s useless trying to cut out certain food groups in their entirety because chances are, your body needs them! Just try and cut back on the things your body doesn’t agree with and that you know aren’t good in large quantities. 

Oh, and don’t believe everything you read online. 

Hels xxx
*Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret can be found on BBC iPlayer. 

* I am not a nutritionist or dietician, I just have an interest in food and fitness. 

* Any major change in diet requires an all-clear from your GP or dietician. 

Oily or spot-prone skin? Try out these tips and products. 

Today I read an article on Cosmopolitan all about Kendall Jenner’s skincare routine as recommend by the pricey doctors she has visited. Okay so most people can’t afford these skin doctors for themselves, nor the products that can maintain your skin so here’s a few tips so EVERYONE can get flawless skin. 

Wash gently. I think we’re all guilty of scrubbing the life out of the smallest pimple, in a desperate attempt to ‘clean’ it out. As mentioned in the Cosmo article by Dermatologist Dr Kidd, this simply  exasperates the situation by inflaming the skin even more. Simply use a cleansing wash with your fingers and forgot about harsh scrubs, sonic brushes and wash cloths. If you do feel like you want the occasional deep clean, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a soft powder that you mix into a paste to create a gentle daily scrub. Use this once a week or so. 

Don’t avoid moisturiser. So many girls I know that have spots or acne, think they can’t use moisturiser because they’re ‘too oily’. Don’t swap one problem for another! Even the oiliest skin needs hydration and they could do wanders for your skin. Also, you really want to avoid that ‘crusty’ look you can sometimes get when you apply foundation over the top of unhydrated skin! Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion has an oil-free formula that hydrates whilst reducing shine and preventing future breakouts. 

Use makeup that is suitable for your particular skin. We all listen to our friends when they tell us they’ve found a MUST-HAVE foundation. But you need to choose your foundation etc that works for your skin type. The Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer is ideal for smoothing your skin before makeup, without clogging it up. Also, the Silk Creme Oil-Free Photo Edition Foundation will give you great coverage without the oily residue and comes in 12 shades! Bare minerals powder foundations are also fantastic for soaking up oil and not clogging the skin, however they tend to be too drying for me so they may not be suitable if you do get some dryness. 

In addition, we all know the basics and they shouldn’t be overlooked! Drink PLENTY of water and green tea, and consider adding a multivitamin to your routine such as Nudey Tea Multivitamins (and don’t forget code HELEN at the checkout for a nice discount!) eat well, avoid sugar and dairy where possible and get plenty of sleep! 

Hels xxx

10 Problems All High Maintenance Girls Will Understand. 

So high maintenance girls get a bit of a bad rep, but it’s not so bad to want to be a princess and demand everyone around you to treat you like one. 

Of course this article is just in jest… But I guess there’s a little truth behind each one! 

1) White bed sheets are a major risk. 


Extra sheets are a must on tan days. It’s probably wise that boyfriends opt for darker sheets too…

2) Washing up is not an option. 


Hot water, bubbles and a fresh manicure don’t mix well. Not to mention the panic attack when something touches your finger. 

3) We leave a trail of hair everywhere we go. 

Plug holes, clean laundry, beds, carpets…. You name it. 

4) We require a seat everywhere. 


Bars, packed tubes, nightclubs… 

5) The bedtime routine. 


We need at least an hour for all of our cleansing, serums, oils, creams, lotions etc… 

6) Having to approve every group photo. 


If it’s not up to scratch, you will delete it. 

7) Baggage limitations are the enemy. 


A girl needs choice! At least 3 outfits per night should suffice. Maybe. 

8) Shopping is a full day event. 


In girl world ‘straight in, straight out’ is not an option. We have to look at every item in every shop. 

9) If we want something, we need it. Now. 


That chocolate bar, lipstick, cute pair of shoes…… Baaaaaaaabe? *queue puppy dog eyes* 

10) We’re always late. 


It’s become so expected that we’re often given a time 30 minutes before we actually need to get there. And we’re still late. (Winged eyeliner doesn’t just happen naturally. 
If any of these secretly remind you of yourself, why not give it a share? 

Hels xxx

Expectation VS Reality: Nail Fails. 

Day two of a sickness bug has left me scrolling the internet bored, looking for mindless randomness to entertain me. I was supposed to be at my agency today getting some fresh Polaroids which would have been ideal in this weather! Not good. 

However, I did stumble upon something that made me laugh. Partly because they’re so awful but partly because I know for a FACT we’ve all been there – done that. 

The article, as found on Daily Mail shows us some shocking nail fails where amateurs have tried to replicate professional manicures and got it terribly, terribly wrong. 


  ‘Simple stripes’ – they look so easy, but this Fail says differently!     How did this person get the polish so lumpy and uneven? Perhaps some longer nails would have helped!     In fairness, these aren’t the worst fail we’ve seen, but by no means are they good!     Nice attempt but these jagged lines are awful!     Someone pass this girl an acetone dipped cotton bud!     I think you need really deep nail beds or a good extension to pull these off!    Potentially the worst ones yet! What were they thinking?  

   Hippie tie-die gone very very wrong here! I can only assume she tried to dip her nails into it but something went miserably wrong here! 

Have you had any similar experiences? I’ve always preferred a block colour to nail art, but I think if you’re into these sort of looks – leave it to the professionals or invest in some stickers! 

Hels x

The Truth Behind Beauty Queens: Miss World


Across the world, beauty queens are respected celebrities that stand for a symbol of hope to their nation. So why is it that here in the UK, any beauty queen is slandered and made fun of and automatically a symbol of anti-feminism?

When most people in the UK hear the phrase ‘beauty queens’ they think of big hair, white teeth, lots of makeup and girls parading themselves around in bikini’s in order to gain the most attention for their looks. From what I read on the comments pages of online news such as the Daily Mail, the general consensus is that these girls are dumb, vain and desperate for approval for their looks.

Miss World – the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant – hasn’t been aired on British television since the year 2000 after being branded as ‘old fashioned’ and ‘politically incorrect’ by it’s native Britain. It became a symbol of hatred to feminists and it’s popularity in Britain diminished.

In my humble opinion, the opinion of pageants had by the masses is entirely uneducated and presumptuous. Beauty pageants offer an undoubtable platform to girls across the world, not to mention the huge amount of charity work and increase in tourism they have produced. I’m going to base my views around the Miss World organisation (with links to my own experiences), however, I do believe that there is hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants worldwide that are offering similar benefits.

The Miss World organisation it’s self has raised over £250million for children’s charities through it’s own cause Beauty With A Purpose. Aside from this vast amount of money, thousands of contestants from regional, national and international competitions have made a difference as individuals by visiting those less fortunate and getting actively involved in charities. This sense of community and drive to help those less fortunate is something that is consistent with beauty queens all over the world. How can this be seen as a negative? These girls may be beautiful but the public should be able to see through that and see the beauty in their causes.

National and international queens are given a platform through their crown to make large changes in the world and inspire others to get involved with charity work. Many people ask “but why do they have to be beautiful? Why do they have to be judged on how they look and their bikini bodies?” – the only way I can answer this is by admitting that whether right or wrong, a huge amount of people will pay more attention to a ‘beautiful person’. It’s as simple as that. There are countless amazing people doing good in the world, the Beauty Queens are simply standing up as an all-rounder determined to inspire others to make changes in their attitudes.

To put it bluntly – beauty queen doesn’t always = b*t*h. From my own experiences of 6 years in pageants, I have come across maybe 2 girls that have been less than lovely? I have made my very best friends through pageants that I would never have had the honour have meeting had it not been for pageants. They’re totally normal girls who love to have a laugh, and lounge around all day in their PJs wearing no makeup eating junk food! I can’t describe the amount of fun pageants are whether you’re competing or just attending, not to mention the sense of community and belonging from the ‘pageant circuit’.

I must note the experiences and confidence that pageants lead to. I’ve even fortunate enough to travel all expenses to Florida with girls that became my best friends, and compete internationally, meeting girls from across the globe. This is just an added bonus to what I’ve taken away from pageants the most. Confidence.
Had it not been for entering pageants, I’m sure I would have remained the shy, quiet little girl I used to be, trying to blend into the background. Instead, I’ve developed a skill of being able to strike a conversation with most anybody and even partake in public speaking. This confidence transformation is just a drop in the ocean to what other girls have experienced.

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading this article about the intelligent queens currently competing in the coveted Miss World. Have a read and see for yourself here.

I want to finish up by wishing Miss England Carina Tyrell the best of luck in the Miss World finals this Sunday. I will be in the crowd cheering you on!

Let me know what you think about these pointers and if they’ve changed your perspective on beauty pageants.








Signs of a comfortable relationship…

So I found an interesting article, all about things we do when were in a comfortable relationship. I’ve been with my boyfriend for coming on 5 years now so I thought this might be an interesting read! You can find the full article here.

So here’s a few of my best and worse from the list….

1) There’s no demanding need to shave. well surely that’s just a given?

2) You pee with the door open. Well why end a good conversation? And what if there’s an emergency?

3) Sicknesses don’t make kissing off-limits. If I’m ill, I want looking after. And that includes lots of kisses and cuddles.

4) Morning breath doesn’t gross you out. My boyfriend may debate this one but I know he loves it really.

5) A new hobby involves popping pimples and blackheads. “can you just see if this needs squeezing?”

And my favourite….

6) Despite all of this, you actually still find your significant other sexy.

One I’m not so sure about…..

You let him pee in the shower when you shower together. People seriously allow this?

What do you think about this list, and would you add any others?