Happiness and Reflection.

This is rather a different post to my usual beauty, fashion etc – but important all the same. I’m lay in bed this Sunday evening with a cup of tea, watching Doctor Foster on my iPad (you need to watch this if you haven’t already, the next series is out soon!) after what’s already been a lovely weekend.

Friday night was date night – dinner and shopping with my boyfriend where he treated me ‘just because’. Saturday I went to the gym and spent the evening with my lovely boyfriend again, and our friends and stayed up (kind of, we actually all napped with duvets in the living room) to watch the McGregor-Mayweather fight and finally, today I spent the early afternoon beautifying my makeup clients and the rest of the day spent with my amazing family, cooking up a huge chilli whilst my sweet nieces and nephew ran around causing chaos. And as I’m lay here in bed now, it’s struck me how lucky I am, how HAPPY I am, and how such an ‘ordinary’ weekend is just so perfect and so ‘me’. Not only this but i’m also thinking about how I’ve ‘chosen’ happy. I make a conscious effort to seek happiness and I want everyone reading this to do the same. Every day, do something or choose something that’s going to benefit your life either in the present or the future.

We all have setbacks – I’ve experienced this recently with various work-related setbacks. I take a few minutes – maybe a few tears – and then I get back up and carry on. My lovely boyfriend, Ed told me I will look back on these times and be glad they turned out the way they did because something better will come along for me. And he is so right! I’m a firm believer of ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I’m absolutely convinced that something good ALWAYS comes out of any bad situation.

If you’re having a bad time, or even just a bad day – remember it’s only temporary. A long time ago I read the words ‘if it won’t matter in 5 years time, it doesn’t matter today’ and I don’t even remember where I even read this but it always stuck with me and it’s something I’ve always passed on when others are feeling down.

Everyone deserves to be happy, so CHOOSE happy. Make small changes to your every day life and the rest will follow in time. Whilst I’m on the subject, download the app ‘Insight Timer’ – it’s a free meditation app and it’s AMAZING for making you feel calm and collected. There’s all sorts on there to help you let go, relax, gain self confidence, sleep better and more. Twice I’ve fallen asleep listening to the sleep meditation and had a brilliant nights sleep. Enjoy!

Hels x