STAR Tan review

I’ve recently been sent a couple of bottles of Star Tan from some lovely ladies I met at an event a few months back. I was so intrigued by the unique 3-step process that’s involved, that I had to try it for myself. It was also suggested that my boyfriend try out the men’s version, so with a little persuasion we got that started too! 

So, after prepping our skin for a few days (removing all previous tan, exfoliating, using the sauna etc) we got to work on the 3-step process. 

  • You begin with a spray to moisturise the skin and prime it, ready for the tan. 
  • Next, you get your lovely velvet mitt and add a few pumps of the tan in your desired shade and begin to smooth it across the body evenly. 
  • Finally, the finishing spray locks in the tan and stops it from coming off onto your clothes and bedsheets. 

I used ‘Shooting Star’ with a watermelon fragrance. I have to say, the first thing that popped to mind was how pleasant the smell was. I’ve had some seriously strong smelling tans in my time that make you feel like you stink even after its washed off but this tan is not strong smelling at all. 

Joe had a slightly lighter shade ‘Shining Star’ which comes with a masculine fragrance called Bleu. There’s a real stigma around men’s fake tanning products, however it seems to be totally acceptable for men to use sunbeds or even tanning injections. With the huge issue of cancers and sun damage from the harmful rays, I think it’s important to consider safe tanning options like Star and remove the stigma from men using these products.  

When we woke up, both of us had a dark luscious tan, as if we’d had a couple of weeks in the sun. I must admit I didn’t do the best job on our hands….. This particular tan is super absorbent so it makes for a long-lasting tan – however that also means you need to be REALLY careful on dry areas like hands and feet because it may look fine with the tanning guide, but once it’s developed you notice more mistakes. 

  My tanned arm compared to my natural skin tone.  

 I look like I’ve been on holiday! Such a lovely natural shade, especially as it’s so dark.   

 Joes first tanning experience   

 After a week or so, my tan had mainly faded off, pretty much evenly except a few little patches that were easily removed in the bath. Joes tan faded off completely evenly without the need to scrub at any little patches. Definitely ideal for men who can’t be bothered with all of the aftercare! 

To summarise, I would definitely recommended Star Tanning to both men and women! Not only can you purchase the bottles of mousse for home use, you can also have one of their amazing spray tans or even become a Star Tanning technician yourself! Visit their Star Tanning Website for more information! Happy tanning! 

Hels xxx

One thought on “STAR Tan review

  1. Thank you so much for this review Helen ❤ Glad we have converted you and your boyfriend to using STAR Melanin-enhancing Tanning products instead of the harmful sunbeds or injections used by others 🙂


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