New obsession: Chai Latte. 

I was just browsing in Tesco when I stumbled upon this little pink tub that caught my eye. At just £2 I thought I’d give it a shot and I’m now obsessed! 

If you’ve never tried a Chai Latte, it’s ‘a sweetened blend of tea, skimmed milk and spices’ and is a sort of light brown coloured powder. All you have to do is mix in hot water/milk to whip up a winter warming drink. Another option is blending in cold milk and ice for an iced version. 

Only 90 calories per cup, 99% caffeine free and a nice change from hot chocolate. Pick up some DrinkMe Chai Latte Spiced today and you can enjoy a chilled Sunday with a hot mug in hand! 

Have a great weekend, 

Hels x 


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