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Every time I’m trying to think of something to wear, eat, make etc – one thing springs to mind! ‘Look on pinterest’ has become the obvious solution for finding inspiration and it’s full of useful and attractive ideas.

I use pinterest for fashion, food, fitness and hair and makeup inspiration and have separated them all into little groups for reference. It becomes a bit of a time consumer, with me sometimes realising I’ve been looking at images of how to style thigh high boots for half an hour….

I’m going to share with you some of my top Inspo pins for fashion. You can check out more of my pins @helenm94










My Diary: Miss World 2014 14/12/14 London

My mum and I are attending the annual Miss World beauty pageant this year, held at the ExCel in London. This post is going to detail the whole experience.

We didn’t get off to the best of starts. We arrived at the station and sprinted over the bridge to get our train but unfortunately the lady controlling the train must have had a bad morning. Despite being just on time and the train still at the platform, she decided we weren’t aloud on, along with another couple! So here we are waiting a whole hour to see if were aloud on the next train with our pre booked tickets! My lovely mum had even surprised me with first class tickets! Were still in good spirits though and are getting some entertainment from watching a young lad that is clearly here from the night before after a heavy night out. He’s dressed up to the nines and lolling in and out of sleep and having the odd stumble around! At least he’s warm and has a nice glass of water, bless him!

Were finally on the train! Were First Class on Virgin so mum and I are enjoying the goodies! What a cute little box, the mini tic tacs! IMG_5340.JPG

Were in a mad rush! After a pleasant journey chatting away to a lovely southern chap, me and mum are finally in a black cab to our hotel hoping we have enough time to get ourselves glammed up! Not long to go now until the big event!


After a mad rush, getting ready in just 15 minutes, we’ve finally arrived at the venue. Doors were to close at 14.00 however were still queuing outside due to the volume of people waiting to go in! I’ve been asked 3 times if I’m a contestant and the weirdest thing is, I had a lovely chap ask for a photograph and autograph off me???! Crazy. Also, my friend Dionne and I were interviewed for a Spanish TV channel! Hopefully we get in soon!


We’ve still not made it in! We have however just seen Bruce Forsyth entering!


WERE IN! Now watching a beautiful video all about the show. I’m so very excited for this! And the amazing acts and stunning girls coming on!

What a day we have had. It’s been absolutely fantastic but very tiring! The show was unlike any other pageant I have ever attended. The focus was on the amazing work the ladies have done, centring around Beauty With A Purpose. Each girl created their own initiative in their native country, something close to their heart that they wanted to make a difference in. The judges were so impressed, they chose 5 girls to win the Beauty With A Purpose award! Of the videos we saw, I was touched by the stories of children with Cleft lips, a very dangerous bridge that had desperately needed to be rebuilt in a poverty hit area and a harrowing story of a lady who had her life transformed after her partner chopped off her arm and fingers, and tragically took the life of her children. They girls were so touched that they wanted to make a difference, and that they did.

The girls took part in various rounds including a range of sports and fashion cat walking. It’s far more than a beautiful face, the beauty from these girls shines through from the inside, truly. It was a touching, and exciting competition but Miss South Africa took the coveted crown! Our very own Carina Tyrell did FANTASTIC taking a top 5 spot!

It’s bizarre how other countries treat beauty queens compared to in England, particularly the Asian countries. I’m so happy I got the experience of going, and I urge you all to catch up on YouTube if you missed it, particularly to see the Beauty With a Purpose stories. (Also, I got a picture with Miss World 2014 and Mr World!)







The Truth Behind Beauty Queens: Miss World


Across the world, beauty queens are respected celebrities that stand for a symbol of hope to their nation. So why is it that here in the UK, any beauty queen is slandered and made fun of and automatically a symbol of anti-feminism?

When most people in the UK hear the phrase ‘beauty queens’ they think of big hair, white teeth, lots of makeup and girls parading themselves around in bikini’s in order to gain the most attention for their looks. From what I read on the comments pages of online news such as the Daily Mail, the general consensus is that these girls are dumb, vain and desperate for approval for their looks.

Miss World – the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant – hasn’t been aired on British television since the year 2000 after being branded as ‘old fashioned’ and ‘politically incorrect’ by it’s native Britain. It became a symbol of hatred to feminists and it’s popularity in Britain diminished.

In my humble opinion, the opinion of pageants had by the masses is entirely uneducated and presumptuous. Beauty pageants offer an undoubtable platform to girls across the world, not to mention the huge amount of charity work and increase in tourism they have produced. I’m going to base my views around the Miss World organisation (with links to my own experiences), however, I do believe that there is hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants worldwide that are offering similar benefits.

The Miss World organisation it’s self has raised over £250million for children’s charities through it’s own cause Beauty With A Purpose. Aside from this vast amount of money, thousands of contestants from regional, national and international competitions have made a difference as individuals by visiting those less fortunate and getting actively involved in charities. This sense of community and drive to help those less fortunate is something that is consistent with beauty queens all over the world. How can this be seen as a negative? These girls may be beautiful but the public should be able to see through that and see the beauty in their causes.

National and international queens are given a platform through their crown to make large changes in the world and inspire others to get involved with charity work. Many people ask “but why do they have to be beautiful? Why do they have to be judged on how they look and their bikini bodies?” – the only way I can answer this is by admitting that whether right or wrong, a huge amount of people will pay more attention to a ‘beautiful person’. It’s as simple as that. There are countless amazing people doing good in the world, the Beauty Queens are simply standing up as an all-rounder determined to inspire others to make changes in their attitudes.

To put it bluntly – beauty queen doesn’t always = b*t*h. From my own experiences of 6 years in pageants, I have come across maybe 2 girls that have been less than lovely? I have made my very best friends through pageants that I would never have had the honour have meeting had it not been for pageants. They’re totally normal girls who love to have a laugh, and lounge around all day in their PJs wearing no makeup eating junk food! I can’t describe the amount of fun pageants are whether you’re competing or just attending, not to mention the sense of community and belonging from the ‘pageant circuit’.

I must note the experiences and confidence that pageants lead to. I’ve even fortunate enough to travel all expenses to Florida with girls that became my best friends, and compete internationally, meeting girls from across the globe. This is just an added bonus to what I’ve taken away from pageants the most. Confidence.
Had it not been for entering pageants, I’m sure I would have remained the shy, quiet little girl I used to be, trying to blend into the background. Instead, I’ve developed a skill of being able to strike a conversation with most anybody and even partake in public speaking. This confidence transformation is just a drop in the ocean to what other girls have experienced.

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading this article about the intelligent queens currently competing in the coveted Miss World. Have a read and see for yourself here.

I want to finish up by wishing Miss England Carina Tyrell the best of luck in the Miss World finals this Sunday. I will be in the crowd cheering you on!

Let me know what you think about these pointers and if they’ve changed your perspective on beauty pageants.








Flat Stomach: My Top Tips

With the uprising trend of Fit Not Thin endorsed by our beloved celebs and some top name supermodels such as Candice Swanepoel, it’s no wonder many of us are trying to get our abs in shape. Instagram is afloat with perfectly sculpted abdominals, not to mention the lean limbs and lifted butts set to inspire us to lead a healthy lifestyle and work out regularly.


In this blog post, I will be discussing my top tips for getting your desired Fit Figure, particularly tight abdominals.

Teatox –As you saw in my first blog post, I’m a big believer in tea! Particularly the detox varieties. It’s important to me to cleanse and detoxify my digestive system, and I feel that it’s a great addition to a healthy diet and workout regime. My personal favourite detox tea is the Nudey Tea detox pack (available in 14 or 28 day courses) – you can read more about this in my previous blog post, but basically it’s the yummiest tea ever! I’m on my second 28 day course right now and I feel amazing. I’ve heard horror stories of other teatox’s….. I won’t go into details but a few friends have been unable to leave the house for a few days! Nudey Tea however has a great ingredient base that aids weight loss, fights bloating and speeds up your metabolism. I can now offer you 5% off your orders with the code HELEN and you can make your orders here!



Eat!This may sound surprising…. But so many people (particularly females) are scared of eating often/big portions as they think this will make them ‘fat’. Not the case! You should be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day to give your body the nourishment it needs. This being said, it’s all about WHAT you eat. Cut down on the sugar and alcohol, aim to eat whole grain carbohydrates where possible, get plenty of lean proteins and a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re starving your body, it will simply go into starvation mode and store fat. Instead, nourish it and focus on health not just aesthetics. There’s plenty of meal inspiration on google, Instagram and pinterest. Everybody thinks differently about diet rules, I once was even told not to eat fruit? However I think a bit of everything is good and there’s no one set diet to fit all. (plus I love fruit).


Cardio –sounds obvious. But some naturally slim girls like myself may think that cardio isn’t necessary, however it’s important to drop excess fat and replace it with muscle in order to get a lean body rather than just ‘thin’. I’m naturally a slim UK size 6, but I still do two 30 minute cardio sessions a week to ensure I stay lean and replace my lost calories with protein shakes. If you’re looking to loose weight to get your Fit Body, obviously cardio is important. Try interval training on the treadmill (running and walking alternatively) to burn fat away. I was once told that only at 30 minutes have you burnt fat. I can’t confirm this but I always feel that 30 minutes is a good amount.

A Good Ab Workout Routine –I was shown this amazing YouTube video with a ton of ab exercises you can do from home. At first, I couldn’t even do the whole video! Now, I can do it multiple times with extra reps. Your abs are one of the only muscle types that can be trained daily without the need for rest. The link to the video can be found here.

I hope these little tips are useful for you and do drop me a comment if you have any questions or can add any extra tips!





Signs of a comfortable relationship…

So I found an interesting article, all about things we do when were in a comfortable relationship. I’ve been with my boyfriend for coming on 5 years now so I thought this might be an interesting read! You can find the full article here.

So here’s a few of my best and worse from the list….

1) There’s no demanding need to shave. well surely that’s just a given?

2) You pee with the door open. Well why end a good conversation? And what if there’s an emergency?

3) Sicknesses don’t make kissing off-limits. If I’m ill, I want looking after. And that includes lots of kisses and cuddles.

4) Morning breath doesn’t gross you out. My boyfriend may debate this one but I know he loves it really.

5) A new hobby involves popping pimples and blackheads. “can you just see if this needs squeezing?”

And my favourite….

6) Despite all of this, you actually still find your significant other sexy.

One I’m not so sure about…..

You let him pee in the shower when you shower together. People seriously allow this?

What do you think about this list, and would you add any others?






Estée Lauder: My Skincare Regime


We all know the basic rules of having clear skin: drink lots of water, never sleep with makeup on, avoid sugary foods… but what about properly cleansing and hydrating your skin? I think it’s safe to say most girls (and boys) neglect their skin a bit, whether they realise it or not.

I’ll admit I used to think a quick soapy rinse and whatever moisturiser I could get my hands on would suffice… That was until I took a trip to selfridges with my mum and had a skincare consultation in Estée Lauder. They take a look at your skin and ask you a few questions, then help you find the products best suited for your skins particular needs.

I had never realised that even at my age, I should be using so many products to keep my skin young, soft and fresh. This includes makeup removers, scrubs and washes, masks, serums, creams and eye creams!

Some people may think all of this is just a money making scheme for the company but I can honestly say since using the range, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my skin. The dry lines around my eyes (yes, even 20 year olds get dry lines!) have disappeared and my skin feels soft and has more of a glow. I won’t say that these products aren’t pricey because they are, but my skin is something I want to take care of and invest in as it’s seen so clearly on camera!

My skincare routine:

Perfectly Clean face wash
Idealist Serum
Enlighten face cream
Re-Nutriv eye cream

Take it Away makeup remover
Perfectly Clean face wash
Advanced Night Repair Serum
Advanced Night Repair Eye
Re-Nutriv eye cream

Every so often I also use the Hydrating Mask!

All of these items are from Estée Lauder and are available at Selfridges, Boots, online and other good department stores!


New obsession: Nudey Tea!

As a major tea fanatic, you can imagine how excited I was to be sent these goodies from the Nudey Tea range!

So there’s the 28 day detox course which is one a day and one every second night, and the Active Tea which is great for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I don’t personally want to lose weight but Nudey Tea can help me reach my fitness goals and create the lean shape I want and make me feel fresh and healthy. However, if you’re looking for a detox to aid with weight loss, Nudey Tea is ideal to use along side your healthy eating regime! Check out the before and afters on their Instagram @nudeytea (they do the odd competition too!) and see for yourself what the power of tea can do!

I really do believe that tea can heal and cleanse, mainly down to the fact I’ve suffered from eczema for years…. Until I started drinking green tea and it disappeared! It was a slow process but anyone with eczema will know that you’ll do anything to get rid of it. The Nudey Tea range are perfect to team up with green tea for a more concentrated detox.

The Day Time detox has a lemony taste, the Night Time has a soft vanilla flavour and the Active Tea is fresh and minty! They each have unique ingredients and offer different benefits. To find out more and place your order, head here and as a special treat – use discount code HELEN at the checkout for an exclusive 10% off your order!

Happy Tea Drinking!



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